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Art Escape

Art Escape – Pop up Art Experiences
Time to explore,have fun & create!

Art Escape has been designed by myself as an escapist, explorative, fun, creative art experience for adults. I hold the sessions in a local setting (hall, function room) as a ‘pop-up, one - off art experience’. I advertise the venue, date and time well in advance in the local area as well as on my Facebook page

It is necessary to sign up before the session as places are limited, this is to ensure the experience is enjoyable and everyone receives the attention they require. Payment is taken at the beginning of the session.

Art Escape is designed to enable those taking part to create alongside others in a relaxed environment the selected focus art work whilst learning new, or developing and exploring existing, skills and techniques. The sessions last 90 mins, one hour creating and 30 minutes to allow for registering and clearing away. Refreshments are provided. At the end of the session the original art work created can be taken home as well as the memories of the fun, friendly and creative experience.

The ‘process of art’, the doing and creativity, has been instrumental in my art career as it is my love of sharing and encouraging this which has inspired me to plan and deliver workshops, classes and tutoring to others. It is the ‘process’ that allows an individual to tap into their creativity and create something that is an expression of themselves as unique as they are, as it comes from them!

I am a great believer that art should be accessible to all, not just those who studied art or have a qualification in it, art is an inclusive subject as creativity is in us all whether we are aware of it or not. It is my wish therefore that Art Escape does just this, it provides an opportunity or perhaps a reason to ‘do art’ whilst enjoying and exploring the creative process.

Art Escape is designed to make this process easy and accessible by providing adults with the stimulus, tools and techniques whilst encouraging them to get creative! Although those attending will be creating an art work which is based on the same stimulus, each one will be unique and that variety of expression and creativity is what makes Art Escape so much fun!

If Art Escape is something you are interested in please contact me and visit my Facebook page; search for Becky TheArtist.


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